DUKAS for Estée Lauder Companies Pink Ribbon Bracelet

How it all started

Evelyn H. Lauder and Dukas at Estee Lauder Companies, NY

In 2005, Dukas accepted a proposition from Estee Lauder to create a unique accessory to reinforce the Fight Against Breast Cancer Campaign and raise money for the Association of Women with Breast Cancer. That was the first time that Estee Lauder started cooperating with a Greek designer. The Pink Ribbon has been designed by Dukas, manufactured in Greece and bears the signature of Estee Lauder Hellas and the Greek designer. In October 2005, 20.000 pieces were sold out during their first two weeks launch in the market. More than 50.000€ were given to the Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”. For the next years and up until 2020 Estee Lauder Hellas continued cooperating with Dukas, who created the Pink Ribbon each year with a different concept, based though on its pink colour. Dukas’s collaboration with Estee Lauder and the annual creation of Pink Ribbon is an honor and a creative challenge for the designer, because it gives him the chance to contribute in his own, creative way to a very important charity. Today Pink Ribbon has become an institution and the vast majority of Greek women support this very important cause by purchasing Pink Ribbon each year.

In June 2011 Evelyn H. Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of Estee Lauder Companies and International Ambassador Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and the designer Dukas, Greek Ambassador Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign met at the headquarters of Estee Lauder Companies in New York. After an invitation by Evelyn H. Lauder, Dukas had the opportunity to be given the grand tour of the headquarters of Estee Lauder Companies in New York City by Evelyn H. Lauder herself, as well as visit the premises of the “Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center”, a non-profit center for the prevention, diagnose, treatment and rehabilitation of breast cancer patients, operating within the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. During their meeting they exchanged views and discussed their work and common goal. At the same time, Dukas presented to Evelyn H. Lauder the brand new Pink Ribbon Bracelets and she congratulated him on the inspiration and design of the bracelets as well as on his dedication and constant contribution to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Evelyn H. Lauder: “Remember, with each bracelet you design, human lives are saved…“ this was the concluding phrase at the meeting of the two ambassadors.










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